Find out what parents have said about Kicks:


Kicks! One of the best things about this town is that you guys are here. Just think – when this generation of Kicks children (& the next, & the next) grow up they will always have Kicks in common, to reminisce over – lucky them I say!


Leah LOVES Kicks Dance!

Beth absolutely loves her dancing! Thank you so much for making it so enjoyable.
He is a much happier boy and Kicks has done that!
I have a confident, creative daughter who desperately needed a class that would allow her to use these skills and continue to build on them, Kicks has been perfect for her! She adores her teacher Amelia and has such a lovely time at dance class every week. It’s a highlight of her week and she so enjoys showing us what she has been doing in every lesson. Would thoroughly recommend and can’t wait till my youngest is old enough to join : )

Kicks is absolutely brilliant!! Amelia is a great teacher who makes each session energetic and fun, the children always look so happy. The group has a real “family feel” and Amelia has gone to great trouble to help boost my daughters confidence and has shown huge insight and empathy for my daughters anxieties. I cannot recommend this group more!

Rachel loves the classes. ‘Fantastically enjoyable’ are the words she used! The teachers are so kind, caring, supportive and so encouraging. What I love about the classes is that they aren’t rigid and the children can have fun with the music, without the pressure of exams.
He loves Kicks… I truly believe that it is thanks to you that he is getting more confident.
She makes me download the music so she can show us what she’s learnt!
Thank you for all the confidence and encouragement you have given Lorna this term.
I love Kicks because you have the chance to be in a show which is so cool. Julia is the best dance teacher ever because she is funny, she’d confident and most important of all, she has faith in all of us. Even if we get our steps wrong, she just goes over it one more time and doesn’t shout at us at all.
I was unsure about dance for boys, but decided to try. My youngest loves performing and my eldest has become far more confident. He assured me when he started that he would not perform…I recently watched him at the Hawth on stage and he loved it!
We have been so impressed with Kicks Dance. Amelia has been super, so friendly and kind. Not only is it great value for money, but my daughter loves going. She calls Monday her best day as she has Kicks after school. We couldn’t be more pleased and would recommend to any parent.


His confidence and gross motor skills have improved hugely


Lisa is a wonderful instructor, so friendly and encouraging. Her enthusiasm rubs off onto the children.

It’s great for his co – ordination and confidence. Lisa has been so fantastic and positive.



Mums are raving about Kicks!

Can’t rate this high enough! My daughter loves going to ‘her’ class. She has so much fun and rarely wants to leave!!!

 My little girl loves it. She hasn’t been going long but she always asks when dancing is. I can definitely recommend it. The fees are reasonable priced too. 

Kicks is absolutely brilliant!! Amelia is a great teacher who makes each session energetic and fun, the children always look so happy. The group has a real “family feel” and Amelia has gone to great trouble to help boost my daughters confidence and has shown huge insight and empathy for my daughters anxieties. I cannot recommend this group more!


My daughter has been going to this class for 6 months and really loves it. The teachers are really friendly and the kids love them. I would recommend this class to everyone. Amelia is great with kids and always takes the time to talk and listen to them. My daughter always comes home happy after class. This class has also helped her gain some much needed confidence.


Everyone always looks like they are having such fun, just what dancing should be about!



Lillie really loves her time at Kicks

Thomas has gained so much confidence doing Kicks


My daughter did kicks for 6 years and it felt like being part of the family. Julia, Amelia and all others involved were fantastic. They were all full of enthusiasm and really cared about their pupils. The Kicks shows and workshops were always fun and very professional with everyone happy to be involved.


My daughter has taken part in Kicks Dance for 3 years and she loves it. Amelia is a great teacher and the lessons are very inclusive so even those who don’t have natural talent can participate fully. Highly recommended.


She loves it! Great/fun routines and excellent communication to the parents. Definitely a 5 star experience. Highly recommended.


You’ve made it sound like it’s perfect for her! Really does sound good. You’ve made me want to go!

Girls had a lovely time and haven’t stopped dancing since!



Both my boys love Kicks! I think Sammy’s confidence is growing because of it and Lukas simply enjoys himself, for some reason they sleep well on a Tuesday night!!


Katie absolutely loves it. Thank you so much.

The hard work of the teaches reflects in what they have learnt and the fun the children obviously have. My daughter loves Kicks!

She loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it!


I’ve been so pleased with the Kicks Dance lessons. My daughters adore it and always come home smiling from their lessons, which is the biggest recommendation of all


My husband and I couldn’t believe it when our 3 year old stepped out on to the stage in front of hundreds of people. It shows how much she trusts her teachers and how they are encouraged her to have the confidence to do it.


It is lovely seeing her enjoying herself. Kicks has been fantastic and she loves coming. She wants to go as soon as she gets up on a Wednesday.

I really enjoyed watching her. You are doing a great job!

She has a great time – thank you.


My daughter’s been going since she was 3 & now at 8 she still absolutely loves it & it has helped endlessly with her confidence. The Russell family who run it are truly special & know how to make every one of the children they teach feel special too.


My boy goes to kicks and loves it there! Always buzzing about it & loves Julia teaching him


Having never done any sort of dancing before, I wanted a class that was going to be fun as opposed to being too strict and the classes have been exactly what I wanted and Ami is always excited and keen to go.

She makes me download the music so she can show us what she’s learnt!

Thank you for all the confidence and encouragement you have given Lorna this term.


She looked like she was having a ball.

Thank you for being a great teacher. She has loved Kicks and is looking forward to the workshop! 

They both loved it and did so well! Proud mummy.


She loves going to your classes!

She loves Kicks and is definitely looking forward to next term! 


She always has such a great time!


Thank you for being brilliant. He has gained so much confidence.


A great team – she loves seeing you each week. Thank you for your hard work.

She has had another great year. She is starting to come out of her shell a little more, even if I do have to hide to watch her dance!


He’s always saying how much he loves Kicks!

She absolutely loves Kicks. She’s so enthusiastic about all the dances and music. 

He loved it and spoke about the class for the rest of the day! He cannot wait until the next class!


A joy to watch as everyone looked like they were having such fun. Just what dancing should be about!

She really loves her time at Kicks. 

Kicks has definitely got talent!


Kicks is amazing!

Kicks classes are fab! My little girl has adored them. The teachers are amazing 

What a great performance from the Summer Workshop. Thank you for your creativity and enthusiasm. Emma loved it!

Our son Sam was with Kicks since Julia started until he left year 6 in July. He always loved it. Julia and her girls always do a great job of encouraging the boys just as much as the girls. He’ll miss Kicks when he goes to Imberhorne in September but we have lots of happy memories. Thank you Julia!”


Emma has had a great 2 years at Kicks and I will always be grateful to you for being the person who brought ‘Chocolate’ into my life!

She love her Tuesday afternoons with you 


She loved her first year of Kicks and she can’t wait for it to restart

You are a fab teacher.

You are fab with all the kids. They adore you. 


Lillie absolutely loves Kicks!


Jake loves Kicks. He can’t wait to get started.

Siobhan has loved her first 2 years of Kicks and I’m sure she will continue to enjoy it. We have great memories that we will treasure for years to come. 


You know how much my bubbas love Kicks.


Glad you have achieved as much as you have and I’m sure you will be boogying in 10 years time! Ellie has thrived and soon you’ll have Chloe. Glad you have done so well.


You are just amazing at what you do.

You did both my boys the world of good with happiness and confidence and they will never forget you 


I want Izzie to improve on her confidence and it’s only classes like this that will help.


She was so happy to be back at Kicks today. She loves it so much!

Joshua was so happy to be back! 


She couldn’t wait to come today.


She came home buzzing and very excited for next week

Grace loved the Easter workshop. Especially the sweets! 


Chloe was showing me some of the moves when she got home. She loved it!


Ruby loves your class as always

Neve had a lovely time and I was also showed some moves at dinner time! She is looking forward to next week! 


Fleur had an amazing time! She can’t wait until next week!


She had the most amazing time at Kicks Tots today! It’s so much fun for kids aged 18m-3yrs. The Kicks gang were great fun!

I feel Sam grew up with kicks. It gave him friends, confidence and some amazing memories.


Thank so much for all your hard work these last three days. Lucy thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.


Since the day Esin was born she has been on the Kicks waiting list and today finally was her first class. Thanks so much.


Dannielle loved her class today, really enjoyed it and couldnt wait to show her dad what she had learnt

She said Kicks was her favourite part of the day and she didn’t want to stop dancing. She loves it and that’s down to you.


Kicks is, without a doubt, Olivia’s favourite after school activity


Kicks is a great dance class with a fun & relaxing feel about it. The children seem to love it & there’s no pressure to perform or have an exam. Abbey is a fantastic teacher as is Lisa. These ladies have such energy & compassion that I would recommend kicks to any child, regards of gender. My son has a ball & loves wiggling his hips!


I would have to say Kicks as well, my little girl is 4 and she started at Kicks in September at the same time as starting school and they have been absolutely fantastic with her. She loves loves her Kicks class – she loves not only the dancing as she does love to dance and perform! But also how lovely everyone is and the fact that they actually care…her confidence – and her dancing! are coming on so much. Have nothing but good things to say about Kicks and would definitely recommend


I cannot recommend Kicks Dance enough! Amelia is amazing with all the children, providing fun classes for all ages and brilliant dance routines. Also, their party package is fantastic, lots of themes to choose form and fabulous value. Highly recommend


She absolutely loves her Tots class! She never wants to leave and tells me on the way there that I’m not allowed to join in as she wants to do it on her own!



My eldest used to love Kicks in Horsham! 

My 2 year old goes and loves it! Lisa is great.
Kicks is great. My daughter loves going & Lisa is lovely. 


Kicks is brilliant! 

My daughter loves going to the Reception class with Lisa.
My daughter goes to the year 1 class and loves it


My 2.5 year old loves Kicks. He gets so excited when we go. Highly recommend 

My daughter is loving the Saturday morning classes!
Kicks Dance is great. Both my daughter’s love it


My son absolutely loves Kicks. Amelia is fantastic with the children

Highly recommend – my little boy loves it!
Kicks is brilliant! My 3 year old loves it!

Kicks Tots is a fantastic class. My daughter absolutely loves it and cannot wait to go each week. Kicks has helped her so so much with her confidence. Thank you to Lisa & the rest of the Kicks team!


Totally recommend Kicks. My daughter has been going since she was 4 and it now 11. My son is probably a better recommendation actually, as he often doesn’t stick to an activity but loves Kicks!


Kicks is fabulous! The nicest bunch of teachers & so great with the little ones 

My son started Kicks ages 3, he’s now 11. It’s given him confidence & so many great memories
Kicks is fab!

The kids looked fab yesterday. My daughter was really nervous before hand but all their confidence shone through. It dawned on me yesterday that no matter how perfected their performances are, it’s just all about the children united together

Kicks Dance is amazing! Not only has it helped my daughter be more confident, it has helped me too. As a young mum with anxiety, I felt anxious about meeting new people. When I’m at Kicks I can relax and have fun knowing that my little girl is having fun, learning and making new friends at the same time. Both Lisa and Amelia are lovely ladies and great teachers! My daughter loves collecting her stickers for her book and even dances at home. Fun and easy routines that kids love. Definitely worth the money and I will be recommending to all my friends!

Kicks Dance has to be one of the best kids groups around! The children love it and they grow as little people during their time at the classes. I can’t thank the team enough for the effort they put into teaching our little ones! Thanks guys!

Everyone’s life needs a Kicks show in it. Laughed and cried and felt so much love! Before I get all emotional, just going to sing ‘Kung Fu Fighting’. Thank you for the happy memory.

What a fantastic show! All of the Acts were AMAZING and everyone should be so proud of themselves. All of them…stars!

Well done amazing ladies. Complete success. They were walking on air last night!


Love a Kicks show – highlights everything that is right with the world”

On a high after watching the Kicks Dance show this evening. It was AMAZING. I am so proud of how well my gorgeous Emma danced. In fact I am so proud of all our little ones as they were all such superstars. Thank you for all your hard work Amelia

Wow what a day, the children were all amazing. Fantastic show

So amazed and proud of my beautiful Joshua. What a brilliant show! Amelia you are amazing at your job and all the Kicks teachers! The hard work you all put into the show definitely paid off. Thank you so much

So proud of Sophie in her Kicks show…well done Amelia and all the Kicks teachers for a fantastic show and for giving my girl so much confidence

Guys you’re doing such an amazing job! I’m so happy that my daughter was part of today’s show. 

Wonder how Amelia Russell is coping with all the notifications on Facebook this evening?! Well deserved praise to her and her great team! Kicks Dance show was brilliant. All the kids love and appreciate everything each teacher does for them

All 3 girls fast asleep after such a lovely day in the Kicks Dance shows! SO proud of them all, such confident little girls and some of the dance moves were brilliant! Thank you for everything you have done, all your hard work has paid off and you are nothing short of amazing!

A massive well done for putting on such an amazing show. So well organised and the kids were brilliant. Lucy had an absolutely magical time and it will be an experience she’ll never forget.

What an amazing show and one you should feel very proud of. Behind this performance was a creative, passionate and enthusiastic teacher to lead the way. Ruby had the best time ever and is gutted that there isn’t a lesson tomorrow…now that says something!


Esmae said it was the best day of her life! Thank you for giving her the chance to shine!


Find out what school teachers have said about Kicks:

The best dance class I have ever seen! Bringing dance to our school was the best thing we ever did. I have never seen the boys so engaged.

The most engaging dance class I have ever seen!

You are already a legend in our school!



We are very impressed with the Kicks classes. The children are loving the high energy dance lessons and the teacher is catering well for both the age ranges she is working with. Teachers are learning lots too!

The energy levels are amazing!


It has been a pleasure having Kicks in for classes 1 and 2.  The children loved it and the teachers were very impressed with the teacher’s behaviour management.


I have had some great feedback from the year 6 teacher, she said it was brilliant.

The feedback that I have had from the year one teachers has been very positive. They are very pleased with the delivery of the lessons and have enjoyed gathering ideas to use in their own teaching.

We are really happy with what Kicks have provided. The teacher is really good and the children have absolutely loved it. The teachers have learnt a lot as well.


I have heard very positive things! All the children love it and the teachers have said how useful it is so thank you!


We are very happy with the dance that Amelia is doing with year 1.  She is extremely well organised, has a good manner with the children and makes the lessons exciting.  I really like the way  that Amelia repeats some aspects of the lesson every week enabling the children to embed and improve skills; she also gives them the opportunity to express themselves, at the same time subtly offering suggestions.


Just wanted to say that the feedback I have received from the staff and children has been fantastic! Last week’s session was amazing and the children loved it so much they wanted to show me what they did in P.E on the next day!

Very proud as a parent and a governor of all the Leechpool children who took part in the Kicks show today. SENSATIONAL.